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Flamenco Dancers, Guitarists and Singers

At the Cardamomo flamenco tablao, masters of Spanish guitar and percussion and prestigious flamenco singers and dancers give their body and soul over to the audience in a unique live show.

Each day 10 national or international flamenco artists take to the tablao to depict the art that characterises them and that has brought them to Cardamomo.

Prestigious artists from all areas with whom you can enjoy one of the most magical evenings of flamenco in the capital.

A Wide Range of Artists Available to Capture You with their Magic

The classical factors that make up flamenco, such as the dance, heel tapping and flamenco singing tend to be accompanied with other elements such as castanets and the violin.

All the flamenco artists are masters in their area, but they always achieve the perfect balance among themselves, without overloading the stage and shining together seeking the best common sound.

Each show includes the different components of flamenco so as to offer a complete journey through flamenco and the elements that make it up: singing, dancing and heel tapping. Brought from every corner of Spain, the flamenco air that is breathed in Cardamomo will go to your head and you’ll want to experience it all over again.

High quality artists with vast experience behind them come every day to offer the best of themselves on the stage.

With the art of flamenco rushing through their veins since they were small, the artists at Cardamomo never leave even a drop of passion at home, giving it their all for the enjoyment of the audience.

Ever since they were small, guitarists and flamenco singers and dancers have been demonstrating their value in this art, winning competitions from a very early age and giving themselves to the emotion of thrilling.

This is the common denominator of all the artists at Cardamomo: they were brought up on flamenco and have been giving themselves to this ever since.

A Date with the Most Notable Spanish Flamenco Artists

Cardamomo is a flamenco house that has acted as a meeting point for artists, scholars and lovers of the best flamenco, being recognised as such by the greats such as Enrique Morente, Tomatito, Raimundo Amador and Joaquín Cortés, among many others.

As well as the greats, Cardamomo is recognised and acts as a “rehearsal hall” for young flamenco dancers and musicians where they share their new musical curiosities and, later, they come back and perform for our audiences as recognised professionals.

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