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Jose Losada


José Losada

José Losada admired his cousins and uncles from a very early age. He wanted to emulate them by following the path of the flamenco guitar. This extraordinary artist, who began his career in the tablaos of Madrid, has toured the world with shows such as Las Mil y Una Noches, Misa flamenca, Vertiges, etc. He has also worked with such important figures as Antonio Canales, José Maya and Jesús Carmona.

José Losada, a promising guitarist

At the age of fourteen he made his first great leap to the big stages at the Teatro de La Latina under the guidance of his cousin Iván Losada. Even today he still remembers the success of the piece “rondeña”, which he played by heart, having rehearsed it so many times because of the admiration he felt for his family. There is no doubt that the career that still lies ahead for this fantastic guitarist is promising.


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