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Juana Amaya

Bailaora (Dancer)

She was born in Morón de la Frontera (Seville) in 1968. Her dynasty is full of the best Sevillian artists, related to artists such as Diego del Gastor.

At the age of thirteen, she became the first dancer in Mario Maya’s company, with whom she partnered in “¡Ay jondo!” and “El Amargo” (1984). She has performed all over Europe with the Cordovan concert pianist Paco Peña, combining these tours with her presence in Andalusian flamenco festivals.

Her dancing is characterised by the strength and precision of her footwork combined with her stage presence. She is a versatile dancer, who has collaborated with artists from classical and other forms of Spanish dance, creating and maintaining her technique and essence. Over the years she has created her own style of dance that follows the Morón line, initiated by her cousin Ramón Barrul.

She has collaborated with numerous flamenco dancers as a partner; Joaquin Cortés, Antonio Canales, Manolete, Mario Maya, Farruquito… are some of the names that reaffirm the prestige of this great dancer.

“I have always wanted to dance the way I feel, the way I like”.


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