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Vanesa Coloma

Bailaora (Dancer)


Vanesa, a dancer born in Madrid, trained at the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Madrid, performs in the best tablaos in Spain, collaborating with top artists such as Alfonso Losa, Rocío Molina, Belén Maya, Jesús Carmona, Manuel Liñán, among others.

In 2012 he premiered the show “FlamenKlórica”, a scenic proposal that became a finalist in the Madrid Choreography Contest. After its premiere, following the great critical acclaim, she has participated in several festivals such as “Festival Flamenco Madrid 2016”, “Festival Tío de la Juliana” 2016, “Corral del Carbón” 2016, “Otoños Flamencos” 2016, “Festival internacional de Alburquerque 2018”, and the most recent “Festival de Jerez 2019”.

Her dedication and constancy, have allowed her to reach different mentions such as being semifinalist in the “Concurso Internacional del Cante de Las Minas 2017” and winner of the “Perla de Cádiz” National Award for Alegrías in 2018. Vanesa shows great purity and sensitivity on stage and lets us know, without a doubt, that she is one of the most important artists of her generation.


Works and Festivals

“FlamenKlorica” by Vanesa Coloma.

“7 Balcones”, “4 Adjetivos” and “Equilibrio Flamenco” by Jesus Carmona.

“Tauro” and “2 En Compañía” by Manuel Liñán.

“Oro Viejo”, “Cuando Las Piedras Vuelen”, “Almario”, “Turquesa Como El Limón” by Rocio Molina.

“Souvenir” and “Dibujos” by Belén Maya.

“Camino Flamenco” and “En Candela” by Alfonso Losa.

“Mujeres al borde de una bata de Cola” by Yolanda Heredia.

Bienal de Sevilla, Festival de Jerez, Festival de las Minas, Suma Flamenca, Madrid en Danza, Festival Flamenco Usa, Festival de Alburquerque, Festival de Mont de Marsan, Festival de Nimes.



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