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Yerai Cortés



Yeray Cortés Merino, better known artistically as Yeray Cortés, was born in 1995 in Alicante. His father Miguel and his mother María introduced him to flamenco music, teaching him to play the guitar from an early age. He started playing the cajón, accompanying his father in the falsetas of Paco de Lucía and Tomatito until he decided to play the guitar and since then he has not played the guitar, although he sometimes plays the percussion and the piano. He began his career working in the best flamenco tablaos in Madrid and in the great theaters of Spain such as: Teatro de Bellas Artes (Madrid), Teatro Coliseum (Barcelona), Teatro Lope de Vega (Seville), among others. A great teacher who opened the doors to ‘tocar pa bailar’ was his godfather Norman Contreras.

He has had the good fortune to accompany great artists such as: La negra, La Tana, Richard Bona, Marcos flores, Alfonso Losa, Manuel Liñan, Las hermanas Bautista, Chuchito Valdés, Javier Colina, Farruquito, among others. He is also a musical composer and performer of songs such as “La Zapatera” by Juan Debel & Yerai Cortés and the show “FlamenKlorica” by Vanesa Coloma. In 2021 he received the Guitarra con Alma Award from the Festival de Jerez for his guitar in Rocío Molina’s Al fondo riela.  He was also composer/arranger for Tania García in which he has composed and produced her albums among many other national artists.



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