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Diego Amador Junior

Cantaor (Singer)

Diego Amador Junior

Diego Amador Junior (1993) was born in Seville, in the 3000 viviendas neighbourhood, Diego Amador Junior. Surrounded by a gypsy family with a great flamenco influence, he made his debut as a percussionist, but in time he turned to singing. Many of the great flamenco artists such as Camarón de la Isla, “Farruquito”, “Farruco”, Juana “La Revuelo”, “Lole y Manuel” and many others passed through his home. This is what made Diego’s upbringing as natural and flamenco as possible.

The combination of being a great composer, musician and artist in general, has allowed him to accompany many of the most influential artists such as “Tomatito”, Joaquín Cortés and “La Susi” among others. His curiosity for music and art has led him to collaborate with leading jazz figures such as Path Metheny, Birelli Lagrene and Charlie Haden.


His first album is Presente en el tiempo”, directed by his father Diego Amador. Rafael Riqueni, Julián Heredia, Nazaret Reyes, Alba Ortiz, Macarena Molina. This record took him to tour America.

Diego Amador Junior is currently participating as a cantaor in the play “Liturgia” by José Maya. This work has been performed in Paris, Madrid, Jerez and Seville.


On a very important tour that his father did with “Tomatito” in Malaga, Diego was very young and accompanied the artists in their project. There were Diego “El Cigala”, José Suárez “El Paquete”, Lucky Losada and many others listening to other children playing percussion. Diego remembers that Lucky approached him to ask him to play something. As soon as Diego started, all the artists turned to look at him. Tomatito approached him and invited him to play on his next tour.

That’s how “Tomatito” gave Diego the chance to accompany him in Cádiz and to make him feel recognised by a great flamenco figure.


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