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Cynthia Cano

Bailaora (Dancer)

Cynthia Cano

Cynthia Cano was born in Murcia in 1993, starting her career in the world of dance and flamenco at the age of two with her first teacher María Dolores Ros. Later, she graduated from the Professional Dance Conservatory of Murcia in 2011 with honours in Flamenco.

She trained in flamenco dance with masters of the stature of El Güito, Merche Esmeralda, La Tati, Antonio El Pipa. She received a scholarship from the Cristina Heeren Foundation, with teachers such as Milagros Mengíbar, Carmen Ledesma, Rafael Campallo and others.
She continued her apprenticeship with the most current generation of professionals and teachers. Alfonso Losa, María Juncal, Manuel Reyes, Concha Jareño, Ana Morales and many more.

Cynthia Cano is expressiveness and strength.

She has been a member of the Ballet Flamenco Lo Ferro since 2009 and in 2016 she became assistant director.

  • Since 2012 she has been working with the prestigious French multimedia artist Valerie Ruíz in different performances collected in Emotion A Live, delving into new scenic languages.
  • In 2014 he gave a series of workshops organised by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the ESPOL in Guayaquil and Quito. That same year he participated in the Flamenco Cycle with the journalist and flamenco critic Antonio Parra at the University of Murcia.
  • In 2016 she performed at the II Gala de Bailarines Murcianos, where she gave a good account of the wide repertoire of styles that she handles with solvency. In 2018 she took part in the Women’s Day conference on Women in Flamenco as a dancer and journalist organised by the Utrera Town Hall.

In her long career, when she was just 12 years old she had the privilege of dancing with Eduardo Serrano El Güito, together with the members of his company Rafael Peral, Miguel Téllez and Jesús Carmona.

International career

Cynthia Cano has toured countries with her own shows presented at the Gran Teatro de La Habana-Cuba, in different cities of Mexico DF. Other countries that have applauded her art have been Chile, Colombia, Tangiers, Panama, Ecuador, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland and others.

He has an extensive career performing in tablaos all over Spain and in the most prestigious festivals such as the Gorbio Flamenco Festival in France with Nino de Los Reyes; Cumbre Flamenca de Murcia; Festival Flamenco de Bayonne – France; Festival Internacional de Cante de Lo Ferro, both solo and in the show and Festival de Jerez.

Among the prizes he has won during his career, the following stand out:

  • 1st Prize in the Flamenco category at the Festival Ciudad de Castellón.
  • Finalist in the Festival Internacional del Cante de Las Minas, disputing the “desplante” with Jesús Carmona in 2012.


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