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José del Calli

Cantaor (Singer)

José del Calli


In 1990, in the heart of a family of artists, José Plantón Heredia, better known artistically as José Del Calli, was born. Son of the cantaor José Antonio Plantón Moreno, better known as “El Calli”, a prestigious cantaor from Córdoba. His family has a tablao in Córdoba called “La Bulería”, in which Jose has participated all his childhood and part of his adulthood. As a child he was a percussionist because he was too shy to sing, but later he lost his shyness, grew up and became one of the most professional singers among the young talents of flamenco. José decides to make his first presentation in Jóvenes Flamencos 2014 , and sings Soleá and Taranto winning the first prize of the contest. The singer has developed a great career performing and learning alongside the greatest such as: “Farruquito”, “El Pele”, Remedios Amaya, Paco Peña, Pepe Habichuela, Diego Del Morao and many more. He has participated in different collaborations with artists such as: “Fosforito”, “Pansequito”, Montse Cortés or Vicente Amigo among others.


Important works and experience

Casa Patas Foundation, with guitarist Paco Peña.
Biennial of Amsterdam with “Farruquito”, “Donante” and “El Pele”.
Teatro Real with José Maya.



José tells us that he was with “El Tete” and “El Yiyo” in a very famous tablao and many people approached them to ask for photos. As José was not very well known at that time, they asked him who he was, and José tells us that he pretended to be the master of the brothers, “El Tete” and “El Yiyo”. People started asking him for pictures and asked him to dance and Jose danced so well that people didn’t doubt for a second the veracity of his story.


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