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Jesús Montoya

Jesús Montoya
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Madrilenian and from O’Donnell, a few minutes away from the biggest and most recognized flamenco temples of the capital that, today and for many years, are filled to enjoy an artist that wherever he goes, does not go unnoticed.

It was not his voice, nor his feet, which marked his destiny in music, but in his hands, as it could not be otherwise. His blood runs through the veins of the great Agustín Castellón “Sabicas”.

Jesús Montoya’s saxophone and flute have played in each and every one of the tablaos in Madrid, especially “El corral de la Pacheca”, where his music was played for 5 years.

In the flamenco circle, Jesús Montoya has a place of admiration and recognition by his own peers. Something not easy to achieve.

Some artists who claimed his sound so flamenco and personal are: Antonio Vargas “Potito”, Elena Vargas, Sebastián Heredia “Cancanilla de Málaga”, among others.

He is very present in Jazz and Latin Jazz recordings and collaborations and is the main member of the group “Los Yakis”.

He is currently working with Joaquín Cortés in his latest show called “Zapatitos Blancos”.


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