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El Yiyo

Bailaor (Dancer)

El Yiyo

Miguel Fernández “El Yiyo” was born in Barcelona in 1996, when he was very young he used to wear his father’s jackets and boots to play at being a dancer in his grandfather’s house.

What started as a game, ended up becoming a talented reality.

When he was only seven years old, “El Yiyo” made his first tour in Taiwan as the headliner of the show “Flamenco puro” for 1500 people. Despite his youth, being so far from his homeland and performing for the first time in front of so many people, this great artist felt at home listening to the “oles” that the audience gave him. Naturalness is a virtue that remains in El Yiyo’s artistic personality. Both at the age of seven and now at twenty-eight, he lives it in the same way but with the responsibility that comes with adulthood.


At the age of seven, the great maestro “Farruquito” discovered the little dancer and proposed a month-long tour in Seville. His father finally could not let him go, as there was no one of legal age available to accompany him. Farruquito insisted on investing so that the whole family could be present on the tour, but the experience for the little boy was not to be. “El yiyo” remembers it as a source of immense pride. Someone he admires so much had such a great gesture for him and his whole family.


This new star of flamenco has shared the stage with such important figures as Eduardo Serrano “El Güito”, someone he admires and who fills him completely. El Yiyo is a new figure in modern flamenco dance because of his ability to adapt to other art forms as well as to understand current artistic languages. He has collaborated with numerous music stars such as “C. Tangana” in the videoclip Pa que brille mixing two different styles, being able to enjoy working with one of the greatest modern artists in Spain. He has also participated in one of the last videoclips of Lola Indigo and Dellafuente Mala Suerte.



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