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Laura Fúnez

Bailaora (Dancer)


Born in Madrid, Laura was already introduced to the world of art as a child. Her passion for dance was reflected in her energy and her mother decided to enroll her in the conservatory, where she completed her entire career at the age of 17. From a very early age, she had the opportunity to perform alone on stage, which helped her professionalism today. Her performances were under the
direction of companies in flamenco, stylized dance and Spanish dance. After the pandemic, Laura, decided to start as a soloist in tablaos developing the Escuela Bolera under her own name.

The Escuela Bolera and Laura

It was born in the X|Xth century, in the Andalusian patios under the oil light, in a very intimate way. They were called the dances of the candle because they were dances with oil lamps. The dances of that time were stipulated, they called national dances, which are the panaderos, the olé de la curra, the vito, etc. The coexistence of the bolero school with flamenco created singing cafés and they work together in order the dancers taught the bailaoras the positioning and postures, and the bailaoras taught the claw, the accent and the pinch, a unique coexistence. Laura creates an evolution of all this ensemble, as she dances the typical flamenco palos with their respective minutes, mixing the dances of the bolero school and using the same codes that los bailaores uses, leading to the
interpretation of the bolero school in the tablao.


With her self-confidence and sympathy, Laura is always compared to “Marisol”, the great Spanish actress and singer. Apart from that, she has shared stages with people of great renown within flamenco, something that for many is a long process, the young dancer gets to dance with Carmela Greco, Alejandro Granados, Ivan Vargas, Choro Molina and Karime Amaya among others, achieving a very enriching experience for her career.


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