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José Jiménez “El Bocadillo”

Bailaor (Dancer)

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“El Bocadillo” was born in Madrid on September 3, 1988 surrounded by his gypsy family, from whom he learned Flamenco as a way of life.

José Ramón Jiménez received his first lessons as a child with Maruja Palacios.

He continues his training in the same house with teachers of the stature of Maria Magdalena, Güito, La China, Antonio and Manual Reyes, Nino de Los Reyes, making special mention in Alfonso Losa, which he considers absolute reference for his dance.

In a natural way begins to see him regularly in some of the best tablaos in the capital of Madrid: Casa Patas, Cardamomo, Cafe De Chinitas, etc..

He begins to open a niche in the capital and to share the stage with artists such as Niño de los Reyes, Paloma Fantoba, Gema Moneo, Irene La Sentío, Alejandro Granados or his father Jose Jimenez “El BOCADILLO” “among others.

This push allows him to travel to different cities of the country, opening his artistic panorama, until making the international leap in Paris.

Rhythmic and cradle artist. Able to combine his facet of dancer with the singing and percussion.


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