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Yoni, «El Remache»

Bailaor (Dancer)


Leonides Santiago Cortes, better known as Yoni, “El Remache”, name that comes from his uncle “El Remache de Bronce”, dancer of dancers, where Yoni finds the inspiration of his gypsy dance so praised by the flamenco dancers.

Yoni is one of the privileged young people who are born with flamenco art in their blood, and forge their identity in a self-taught way, which makes his dancing stand out from a very young age, he develops a personal dance fusing strength and elegance, a gypsy dance that awakens all the senses of the spectator.

Since he was a child, he has danced and trained in the tablaos of his native Alicante, such as Tablao Zambra, Los Lunares, La Guitarrería and VillaVieja 6.

His dancing personality arouses the curiosity of flamenco artists and he is invited to numerous social and cultural events, where he shares the stage with great flamenco figures such as Remedios Amaya, the saga of the Farrucos and “El Tío Parrita”.

In his dancing we can see the inheritance of wisdom and knowledge of this art. Descendant of artists, “El Remache” grows up in a family where singing, playing and dancing flamenco is a mark of identity, which becomes a way of feeling and communicating.

His participation in the program “Got Talent”, on Tele 5, 2021 left no one indifferent, he was praised by the entire jury, especially by the strictest, Risto Mejide.



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