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At the Cardamomo Flamenco tablao, masters of the Spanish guitar and percussion, renowned flamenco singers and flamenco dancers give their body and soul to the audience in a unique live show.

  • Paloma Fantova (Cádiz)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    At age 7 she made her debut at the Apolo Theatre of Madrid, in Antonio Canales’ ‘Bailaor y Raíz’ [Dancer and Root]. At 8 years old, after having won the young talent show on Spanish TV ‘Premios Veo Veo’, she performed as a Flamenco dancer for the…

  • Kelián Jiménez

    Kelián Jiménez (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

    His knowledge of Flamenco guitar and composition has shaped the evident personality of his movements as a dancer… At the age of 12 he first performed in the Teatro de la Zarzuela in the play Carmen, with the Rafael Aguilar company, along with Teresa Berganza. He later…

  • aurora_losada

    Aurora Losada (Madrid)

    Cantaora (Singer)

    At the age of 11 her interpretation of the song El Divorcio, of Juan Antonio Jiménez, Jeró (lead vocalist of Los Chichos), Aurora ousted other famous performers, such as Francisco and María José Cantudo, and earned her recognition as the Best Performer of the festival. When she…

  • Antonio Fernández (Barcelona)

    Cantaor (Singer)

    He shared scenario with several cantaores as: Antonio Villar, Jorge “El Canastero”, Simón Román, among others. He worked as cantaor and tablao director in “El Palacio Flamenco” (The flamenco palace) and “El Cordobés”and he actually is part of the Ángela Españadero flamenco company. He has participated in many flamenco festivals…

  • Rafita de Madrid en Cardamomo

    Rafita de Madrid (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

    Nació en Madrid en 1981, en el seno de una familia de artistas, figuras del cante como Rafael Farina, Diego “El Cigala”, José Peñagrande , Pedro Jiménez “El Pili”, de “El Chaleco”, etc. forman parte de sus raíces. Desde niño siente pasión por la música. En 1997…

  • David Jiménez Abadía (Madrid)


    Sharing the stage with great figures of Flamenco has been part of his daily life since childhood, and most possibly has played a part in the natural way in which he is able to blend skill and musicality with Flamenco temperament. His teacher was his older brother,…

  • Amós Lora (Salamanca)


    At the age of 8 he was presented to Tomatito, who teaches him falsetas. In 2010 he traveled to Rome to meet Paco de Lucía, to whom he offers a small private concert where the Master praises his talent.  At the age of 12, Amos recorded his…

  • Ángela Españadero (Madrid)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    Nace en una familia de bailarines y padres flamencos. A los 9 años baila para la televisión americana, acompañada a la guitarra por su padre y desde entonces empieza su carrera como flamenca. Ha trabajado con las mejores compañías flamencas de Madrid como la de Güito, Manolete,…

  • Saray Fernández “La Pitita” (Granada)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    The career of La Pitita started in the tablaos of Granada at age 14 and continues in Flamenco Festivals in Spain and in prestigious tablaos of Madrid. In the International Festival of Music and Dance in Granada (FEX), with a cast of six artists of flamenco song…

  • Miguel “El Rubio” (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

    He is considered by the critics an initimitable example of pure Flamenco singing, highlighting ‘the speed and gypsy tone” of his voice. The critic of Flamenco Joaquín Albaicín –member of the International Romani Writers Association- describes him as a ‘Flamenco singer with an authentic personality… who releases…

  • José Gómez Carmona “Rapico” (Mallorca)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

    At the age of 5, his teachers had to accept him coming to school wearing dancing boots and even playing soccer with them on, or else he would sob inconsolably… When at the age of 7 Rapico attended the Flamenco show “Torero”, of the legendary Antonio Canales,…

  • Laura Abadía (Madrid)

    Cantaora (Singer)

    She has performed alongside dancers Antonio Canales, Sara Baras, Juan Ramírez, Paloma Fantova, Belén López, Karime Amaya, Gema Moneo…; as well as Flamenco singers like Ramón El Portugués, Guadiana, Montse Cortés, David de Jacoba, Enrique Bermúdez (Piculabe), Miguel El Rubio and Antonio Ingueta; and renowned guitarists like…

  • Antonio “El Ciervo” (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

    On his mother’s side we find names as renowned as “Potito”, Angelita Vargas, Joselito Vargas, etc. And on this father’s side another range of prestigious artists like Raimundo Amador, Juan José Amador, Diego Amador, Rafael Amador, and many others… He began his career by forming a Flamenco…

  • Auxi Fernández

    Auxi Fernández (Cádiz)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    She has been solo performer and guest artist for companies such as those of Chick Corea, Jorge Pardo, Simon Shaheen, Tim Ries, José María Bandera and Tito Losada; and she has performed alongside figures like Carles Benavent, Concha Buika, Niño Josele, Jeff Ballard, La Tana, Olga Pericet,…

  • Irene “La Sentío” (Sevilla)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    Para Irene La Sentío el baile flamenco es una necesidad, el único lenguaje posible, la afirmación más sincera. Una pasión que descubre a los 13 años, le atrapa sin pretenderlo y ya no le ofrece tregua. Un idilio al que se entrega cada día sin concesiones. Una…

  • Joni Jiménez (Madrid)


    Joven guitarrista madrileño, nacido en 1990. Proviene de una larga saga de guitarristas,  cantaores y artistas de tradición flamenca. Sobrino-nieto de Rafael Farina y primo de Diego El Cigala a los 5 años comienza a tocar la guitarra de la mano de su padre, Ángel Jiménez, y…

  • El-piculabe

    Enrique “El Piculabe” (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

    By meeting the flamenco singer Paquete, his career marked a change: with his support, Piculabe produced his first record Camino y Tiempo, representative of the present flamenco, ‘the touch of tangos, bulerías, alegrías, fandangos and tarantas’. This production has counted with the collaboration of relevant artists of…

  • Claudia Cruz (Cádiz)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish and French.

  • Iván Losada (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

    He participated as a guest artist in Fedra with Lola Greco, and also participated in different Companies as: Carmen Cortés, Joselillo Romero, Alma Gitana, Juan de Juan, and Sara Baras. His artistic career has taken him across the European stages, the United States, Latin America, Morocco, Israel,…

  • Camarón de Pitita (Madrid)


    When he was only 9 years old, he participated at La Línea de la Concepción Festival with Fosforito and Camarón de la Isla; and for years he gave concerts throughout Spain, collaborating with artists like José Mercé, José de la Tomasa, Manzanita, Pan Sequito and Juan Valderrama,…

  • Raquel_ortega

    Raquela Ortega (Madrid)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    During her first dancers in the Tablaos she was chosen from the master Cristobal Reyes to work at his Tablao Zambra. Soon after with Paco Peña and Los Losada, they started their tour through Europe, in Royal Albert Hall and in Barbican Centre in London, Italy and…

  • Bailaora Paula Rodríguez Lázaro

    Paula Rodríguez Lázaro (Santander)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    At this time she decided to move to Madrid to finish her training at the Amor de Dios Spanish and Flamenco Dance Centre with teachers such as La Truco, María Juncal, Pepa Molina, Alfonso Losa, La Talegona, David Paniagua and, especially, Merche Esmeralda. In 2009 she earned…

  • Guitarrista Juan Jiménez Abadía

    Juan Jiménez Abadía (Madrid)


    Between 2013 and 2014 his international performances included participations in productions at the Suzanne Dellal Centre of Tel Aviv (Israel) and the Opera Theatre of Rome (Italy). He has also played alongside great singer-songwriters such as Montse Cortés, Miguel El Rubio and Guadiana Amador Losada; the renowned…

  • rober-el-moreno

    Rober “El Moreno” (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

    He has performed at Teatro Cómpac Gran Vía, Teatro García Lorca and La Latina de Madrid, in the Auditorio Alcázar de San Juan de Valladolid and Teatro Nescafé de las Artes en Santiago de Chile, as well as the Madrid flamenco theatres Cardamomo, Casa Patas, Museo La…

  • el-cancu

    El Cancu (Sevilla)

    Cantaor (Singer)

    Also has travelled through Spain and other countries sharing the stage with important figures of flamenco as Antonio Canales, Rafael Amargo, Juan Ramirez, Carmen Cortés, Gerardo Núñez and Enrique Melchor. He is currently a member of Joaquín Cortés Ballet Flamenco Company.

  • Saray García (Cádiz)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish and French.

  • macarena-ramirez

    Macarena Ramirez (Cádiz)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    A year later she earned the Best Newcomer in Andalusia award, she won the TV young talent competition Veo Veo and took part in the programme Menuda Noche of Canal Sur Televisión. In 2004 she danced at the Autumn Festival of Jerez accompanied by pianist José Zarzana.…

  • marina_perea

    Marina Perea (Málaga)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    Desde hace diez años tiene como maestra a Susana Lupiañez “La Lupi”, aunque ha tomado clases con diferentes artistas como Juan de Juan, Andrés Peña, Fran Espinosa, Pastora Galván,La Talegona, Nino de los Reyes, Alfonso Losa, Concha Jareño, Marcos Flores, entre otros. Ha recibido varios premios como…

  • Triana Maciel (Guadalajara)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish and French.

  • Lisi Sfair (Caxias do sul)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    Lisiane Sfair comenzó sus estudios de baile flamenco en 1998, con 7 años en la escuela “Tablao Andaluz Caxias do Sul” (Brasil), cuyo director era Gisele Domit, su primera “maestra”. De 1998 a 2005 participó en más de 200 conciertos con el grupo de danza Tablado Andaluz…

  • bailaor Cristian Pérez

    Cristian Pérez (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

    Till 2011 he was part of the dancing group of Study Workshop National Ballet of Spain. From 2011 to 2012 he introduced his own choreography ‘Coffee Cantante’; danced as a soloist at ‘Ni aquí ni llet Español allá’ Show of Pepa Molina; also danced in the Company…

  • Paco Soto (Murcia)


    Ha estudiado en el Festival del Cante de las Minas de la Unión y la fundación Cristina Heeren de Sevilla, con guitarristas como Gerardo Núñez y Miguel Ángel Cortés. Finalmente se traslada a Madrid para estudiar con Enrique Vargas y hacerse hueco. Durante su trayectoria ya ha…

  • Jose Losada (Madrid)


    José Losada es un guitarrista de 30 años originario de Madrid que proviene de la conocida familia de los Losada, muy popular en el mundo flamenco. Admiraba a sus primos y tíos desde muy pequeño y de tal modo quiso emularlos siguiendo el camino de la guitarra…

  • irene-correa

    Irene Correa (Madrid)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    In 2012 she received the First Prize at the Interartistic Week for Proffesional Education choreographed by Javier Formoso; and the following year gets the First Prize in the specialty of Flamenco Dance at the XVII Dance Competition, Ciudad de Castellon… In 2013 she worked in the show…

  • Curro de Candela (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

    The Cuban choreographer René de Cárdenas of the National Ballet of Cuba invites him to participate and join his own work Sonlar, whose premiere in Madrid had a great success. He used his stay in Cuba for further refinement in the dance; meanwhile he was getting close…

  • El Tachu

    El Tachu (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

    He is a dancer from Madrid from the Losada Family. At the age of 21 he participated as soloist in the Company of the great dancer Christopher Reyes, presenting Las cosas del Flamenco on different stages around the world such as Cyprus or Russia. Great figures of…

  • Pol Vaquero (Córdoba)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

    In 1999 he went a year on tour in Japan, Portugal, Israel and Spain with Vicente Amigo Company; and in 2000 participated in the Joaquín Grilo Company; also worked as a soloist in De Amore with Mauricio Sotelo. From 2001-2006 collaborates again with Antonio Canales; and is…

  • Vaky Losada

    Vaky Losada (Madrid)


    At the age of 8 he played in the Teatro Chino de Manolita Chen and Antonio Encinas, playing a couple of works accompanied by a symphonic orchestra. When he was 10, he was asked by Maíto, great presenter and journalist of the radio programme La voz de…

  • Mónica Fernández (Barcelona)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    In 2006 she premiered her own company with the show Antojos (leading touring Egypt, Algeria and Venezuela between 2010 and 2012)…  In the last years of her professional career she collaborated with the most prestigious flamenco artists, being the first dancer in Poetas en Nueva York in the Rafael Amargo Company;…

  • Sonia Cortés (Madrid)

    Cantaora (Singer)

    From the beginnings of her love for flamenco she still guards some of the singing records in duo with her father while she was only three years old. After growing up between flamenco dresses and ‘rasgeaos’, she began studying dance at the Dancer Conservatory of Madrid. The…

  • José Fernández “Patata”


    Since 1993, Patata works in La Venta de Gato Tablao in Madrid; Los Tarantos in Barcelona; and he joined the Adrián Galia Company, who embarks on tour in Venezuela, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. In 1995 he returned to Tokyo to collaborate with the dancer La China. Between…

  • Aloma de Balma (Madrid)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

    She has given intensive dance courses at the Escuela Flamenquería of Moscow, a city where she premiered one of the shows of the company Sal Mel i Vida. In 2008 she presented her own show Passos a Ítaca during the Jornadas Flamencas of Castellón; and, later, at…

  • salvador-barrul

    Salvador Barrul

    Cantaor (Singer)

    He has been signing in Flamenco groups in Madrid since the age of 14. At 18 he began his professional career at the Flamenco theatre Casa Patas. He then spent ten years performing at the most important venues of Madrid and Barcelona. He alternated his TV performances…

  • Samara Losada

    Cantaora (Singer)

    Since she was a child she showed her artistic talent: while she was 7 years old she was working in the disk of her sister Aurora Losada in a project directed by Ketama; and at the age of 11 she was one of the protagonists of the…

  • Noé Barroso

    Bailaor (Dancer)

    He began his art career in Flamenco at age 13, after obtaining Special Mention at the Certamen Coreography of Spanish Dance and Flamenco in Madrid. One year later, he debuted as a dancer with the Eduardo Serrano El Guito Flamenco Company, which toured through France, Mexico, Japan…

  • José Suero “El Moro”


    Son of Francisco Suero Vega, Jose Suero inherited art from one of the most traditional flamenco families.

  • Francisco Suero Vega “El Moro”

    Cantaor (Singer)

    With the companies of Blanca del Rey, Manuela Carrasco, Faico, Antonio Canales, Joaquín El Grillo, Juan Ramirez, Toni Pelao, Sara Baras, La China, Spain and Remedios Maria

  • Miguel Téllez

    Miguel Tellez (Jerez)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

    In 1995 he joined the Anthology Ballet of Madrid, under the direction of Alberto Lorca, Mario Vega and Maria del Sol. In 1998 he joined Eduardo Serrano ‘The Güito’ Company at the Villamarta Theatre in Jerez. Later he continued dancing on the main national and international theaters…

  • Juan Carlos Quirós (Madrid)


    His love of music began as a child, when his uncle Adolfo encouraged him to take the guitar and come along to meeting with fellow-guitar players such as Camarón or Tomatito. These experiences were master classes for him that forever marked his devotion to music. His professional…

  • Juan Carlos Avecilla Gómez

    Bailaor (Dancer)

    In Madrid he has continued his training with Rocío Molina, Israel Galván, Daniel Doña, Manuel Linan, Rafaela Carrasco, Jesus Carmona, Aida Gomez, David Coria and Jose Maldonado. He has worked, among others, in the companies of Antonio Márquez, Javier La Torre and Concha Jareño, Antonio El Pipa…

  • Carlos Velázquez

    Bailaor (Dancer)

    He has worked as a soloist dancer in the companies of José Greco, Carmela Greco, Rafael Aguilar, Camborio and Lucía del Real, Paco Peña, Tito Losada, Belén López, Ballet Flamenco de Madrid and at the El Merenguito Company. Its professional projection has taken him across the stages…

  • José Mª Fernández Cortés “Petete”


    He participated in shows with Carmen Linares in Salobrena, Tomatito in Snail Room of Madrid, Tomatito in the Asparagus Rock Festival, Remedios Amaya, Esperanza Fernandez, Carlos Baute, Malu, Maita Vende Ca, La Union, Aurora Vargas, La India Martinez, La Susi, Marina Heredia and Montse Cortes.  Also he…

  • luis-miguel-manzano

    Luis Miguel Manzano (Madrid)


    Some of his most outstanding teachers are: Aquilino Jiménez ‘The Entri’ Manuel Parrilla and Francisco Manzano ‘El Calentito’, which provided him with a defined technique and the proper knowledge to the accompaniment of singing and dancing. When he was very young, he participated in various Festivals like:…

  • Pablo Fraile (Guadalajara)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

    He plays as a soloist with Channels in Soledades, piedra y cielo; with Javier Latorre, he went to Japan to join La Celestina work of Shoji Kojima Company, which production is scheduled for the Jerez Festival and Seville Biennale. Travel to St. Petersburg to share the stage…

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