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Nerea Fernández

Bailaora (Dancer)

Nerea Fernández

Nerea Fernández was born in the city of Cordoba, Andalusia. Since she was a child she has been interested in flamenco, excelling in dance. She began her formal training at the Professional Dance Conservatory “Luis del Rio” in her hometown. Since then she has not stopped training through courses, coexistence and workshops, studying with great figures such as Rubén Olmo or Farruquito. Despite her youth, Nerea boasts of having worked with flamenco singers such as Manuel Moreno Maya “El Pele”. Flamenco has taken her to perform throughout most of Spain and abroad.

Nerea Fernández, perfect technique.

Currently she continues her training at the Superior Conservatory of Dance “María de Ávila”.while working professionally in different tablaos in Andalusia and Madrid such as Cardamomo and Tablao Flamenco 1911.


  • 1st Choreographic Award at the Professional Dance Conservatory “Luis del Río”, 2018
  • 1st Prize XIX Certamen Jóvenes Flamencos de la Diputación de Córdoba, 2021.


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