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Jacob Quirós

Cantaor (Singer)

Jacob Quirós

Jacob Quirós was born into a family of artists, together with his brother Saúl. His father, the cantaor Adolfo “El Segoviano” was his source of learning and inspiration from a very young age. From the age of 5, he began to sing with him in his concerts, something that Jacob will remember forever.

Flamenco singing has been Jacob Quirós’ way of life since he was born.

His professional upbringing has taken place in the tablaos and in the different flamenco musical groups in which he has collaborated. At the age of 9, he collaborated with Joan Manuel Serrat on the album Utopía, which began to be played on various radio and television stations. Since then, he has shared the stage with great flamenco artists and has collaborated on numerous albums.

He is a cantaor with a long career in dance accompaniment. He has accompanied figures who have marked the history of dance such as El Güito, Antonio Canales and Pastora Galván.

Likewise, he has combined his facet as a performer with his vocation as a transmitter of cante accompaniment. He is currently a member of the teaching staff at the “Carmen Amaya” Professional Conservatory of Dance.

Jacob Quirós has collaborated with great flamenco masters such as José Mercé, María Toledo and Vicente Castro “Parrita”…


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