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Flamenco show at Christmas in Madrid

Come and enjoy an authentic flamenco show in Madrid.

December 24, 2023 - December 31, 2023


Madrid at Christmas is full of leisure plans, restaurants, concerts and other performances for both locals and tourists to enjoy the vacations and the city of Madrid.

If you are looking to get closer to the world of flamenco this Christmas, be sure to stop by our tablao. In Cardamomo we have prepared a unique agenda, with the best artists and with great enthusiasm.

On December 24 and 31 we will have the following special shows:

December 24. Christmas Eve🎄

Show 1: 5 p.m

Show 2: 6:30 p.m

Show 3: 8 p.m Entrance + menu.

On December 31, come to the best Flamenco New Year’s Eve in Madrid.

Show 1: 5 p.m

Show 2: 6:30 p.m

Show 3: 8 p.m. Entrance + menu

Show 4: 9:30 p.m. Entrance + menu.


We will see a spectacular flamenco show. 10 artists on stage!


You know, if you want to enjoy Flamenco, do not hesitate to visit Cardamomo!

You can buy your tickets here!

The deadline for cancellation of your tickets is one week prior to the performance.

Navidades flamencas
Featured artists in this show
  • “Morenito de Illora”

    Cantaor (Singer)

  • «El Farru»

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • tablao flamenco madrid cardamomo aloma de balma

    Aloma de Balma (Madrid)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • guitarra flamenco tablao madrid amos lora

    Amós Lora (Salamanca)


  • flamenco madrid tablao cardamomo angela españadero

    Ángela Españadero (Madrid)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • flamenco madrid tablao cardamomo antonio ciervo

    Antonio “El Ciervo” (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

  • Flamenco in Madrid

    Antonio Fernández (Barcelona)

    Cantaor (Singer)

  • Antonio Maya 'Salvaje'

    Antonio Maya ‘Salvaje’

  • Atenea Toro

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • aurora_losada

    Aurora Losada (Madrid)

    Cantaora (Singer)

  • Auxi Fernández

    Auxi Fernández (Cádiz)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • guitarra flamenco madrid tablao cardamomo camaron pitita

    Camarón de Pitita (Madrid)


  • Claudia de Utrera

    Claudia de Utrera

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • Costi “El Chato”

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • bailaor Cristian Pérez

    Cristian Pérez (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • tablao flamenco madrid cardamomo curro candela

    Curro de Candela (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • Cynthia Cano

    Cynthia Cano

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • El Tachu

    El Tachu (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • Eleazar Cerreduela

    Eleazar Cerreduela

    Cantaor (Singer)

  • El-piculabe

    Enrique “El Piculabe” (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

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