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Training and experience in Flamenco.

The Cardamomo Scholarships arise on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Cardamomo tablao flamenco. With more than 25 years in the flamenco sector, we want to contribute to the continuity of the legacy of this venerated art.

Cardamomo wants to return to Flamenco “a little piece” of everything that flamenco has given Cardamomo during these 25 years.

To do this, in May 2019 we started this solidarity project, without knowing very well how it would be developed.
It has been a few months full of unforgettable moments and overflowing talent. The little promises of flamenco come stomping. Everyone has learned and evolved, both individually and in groups.

The Cardamomo Scholarships have the objective of contributing to the formation of children with talent for singing, dancing, guitar and percussion.

They have been receiving personalized master classes at the flamenco tablao Cardamomo, taught by great professionals, such as Antonio Canales, Juan Andrés Maya, Iván Vargas, Felipe Maya, Claudia Cruz or Paula Rodríguez, among others. In addition, these children have had the opportunity to demonstrate their talent at the end of the Cardamomo show party, which has allowed them to acquire more skill and safety on stage.

Next Saturday, March 7, we will arrange the II Edition of the Cardamomo Scholarships, with a choir of children prodigy of flamenco, which surely will not leave us indifferent, neither to us, nor to our public.

For this second edition there are NO more seats available for the dance category. But for: SONG, GUITAR AND PERCUSSION.


– Boys and girls aged between 6 and 16 years.
– That they develop some artistic ability related to flamenco between these four categories: SINGER, DANCE, GUITAR AND / OR PERCUSSION.
– That they are training in other centers or institutions while participating in the II Cardamomo Scholarships.
– The parents or legal guardians of the applicants must send a video to comunicacion@cardamomo.com in which the talent can be visualized.

– A specialized jury will select the children that will make up the II Cardamomo Scholarships.
– Limited places.


– Free and specialized Masterclass with great Artists.
– The possibility of participating promptly at the end of the regular Cardamomo show party.
– The opportunity to act in specific shows related to the project.
– Accommodation and transportation expenses are not covered.
– The II Cardamomo Scholarships will be held on Saturday mornings (There may be some punctual modification of schedules).
– On Saturday, June 20, 2020 we will perform a Cardamomo Performance starring the children of the II CARDAMOMO SCHOLARSHIPS.
A jury composed of great personalities from the world of flamenco will select those they consider most deserving and will grant them
A great opportunity to continue growing and learning in the world of flamenco.


– We are aware that the activity of the child in relation to Flamenco is leading to school absenteeism or poor academic performance.

– If the Cardamomo team considers that the child is having a bad attitude in class and / or with their classmates.

– If absences occur without prior notice.


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