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What makes Cardamomo the best Flamenco Show in Madrid?

Madrid’s Flamenco Dance: A Vibrant Tapestry of Tradition and Passion

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Flamenco dance is a discipline of Spanish dance that dates back to the 19th century. Geographically, we can locate it in the southern part of Spain; Andalusia.

It’s a professional and technical style that requires years of training. There have been all kinds of ways to transmit it. From the oral, – just like flamenco singing or guitar playing – to the creation of dance scores or decalogues on how the dance should be.

Originally, its professional nature meant that flamenco dance was born on the basis of a sexual division, with differences between men’s and women’s dance.

Nowadays, we know the techniques, gestures and movements that respond to femininity and masculinity, being able to use them in an artistic way, without having to put barriers to the expression of each performer.

“Cardamomo combines the improvisation and spontaneity that Flamenco requires.”

We can understand that flamenco dance arose as a meeting that took place in the academies of Seville between the more expressive gypsy dances and the more technically developed dances of the bolera dancers.

A mixture of dance codes that have developed from the second half of the 19th century to the present day. Nowadays, flamenco dance continues to be nourished by other expressions, always preserving its essence.

If you’re looking for a flamenco dance experience in its most natural habitat, we recommend that you go to a tablao. Specifically, the tablao Cardamomo combines the improvisation and spontaneity that this dance requires.

An intimate space reminiscent of a meeting place for artists and which, without a doubt, forms part of the essence of flamenco in Madrid.

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