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Discover the Heartbeat of Madrid: Flamenco Tablao Experience Await!

Discover the Heartbeat of Madrid: Flamenco Tablao Experience Await!

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In the 1950s, new performative spaces associated with flamenco emerged in Spain, such as the tablaos. Prior to this, there were other places where this art form took place, such as the colmaos, taverns and cafés cantantes, from which they drew most of their inspiration.

Unlike their predecessors, the tablaos flamencos offered a space in which exclusively flamenco shows were performed, including singing, guitar playing and dancing.

At this time, the growing interest in tourism and in bringing flamenco to a new public meant that gastronomy and art came together in a unique space, open to all kinds of spectators.

This led many artists from outside Madrid to emigrate to the capital in search of work. The tablaos were the school where new artists were trained and many others perfected their art.

We can consider “Zambra”, founded in 1954, as the first of the tablaos in Madrid, although previously there were performance spaces such as the Colmao Villa Rosa (currently Tablao Flamenco 1911), located in the Plaza de Santa Ana.

Over the decades, tablaos flamencos have developed, offering a variety of proposals. From spaces where the emphasis is on gastronomy to others whose artistic quality distinguishes them.

At the end of the 1990s, spaces arose that were in line with the moment flamenco was going through. A new wave of young talents committed to modernity and urban flamenco.

Cardamomo appeared among these venues. A meeting place for those figures of the new flamenco, which has been able to combine a modern proposal with the flamenco tradition.

This tablao currently hosts daily shows where you can enjoy an authentic flamenco experience with the best artists on the national scene.

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