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Looking for what to do in Madrid? Go to a Flamenco Show!

Looking for what to do in Madrid? Go to a Flamenco Show!

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Known as Villa and Court, Madrid is the largest city in Spain. It seamlessly combines its traditions with a modern and cosmopolitan character. It hosts thousands of cultural spaces, among which its wonderful tablaos stand out.

Planning to visit Madrid?

The capital of Spain offers thousands of experiences. Strolling through its historic center and along its river, visiting its monuments and museums, or having tapas in one of its squares are plans you cannot miss.

This city is considered the world capital of flamenco due to the amount of flamenco offerings it provides and the number of tablaos it houses. Additionally, flamenco is considered a Cultural Heritage in the Community of Madrid, being part of Madrid’s society since the 19th century.

That’s why going to see a flamenco show in Madrid is a must-do plan. You’ll be able to enjoy the best dance figures in emblematic spaces that are the home of great artists.

If you decide to visit downtown Madrid, we recommend not leaving without taking a stroll through the Barrio de Las Letras. Among its streets, you’ll find the Tablao Flamenco Cardamomo. A venue that has been hosting shows with big names in its programming since 1996.

Just a few meters from Puerta del Sol, it boasts a large cast of artists, up to 10, among whom its 3 dance figures stand out. A proposal of classic flamenco in a modern and intimate space.

If you plan to visit Madrid, don’t hesitate to enjoy the leisure and cultural plans this great city offers. Visit the Prado Museum, wander through its historic streets, and end up watching a flamenco show at Cardamomo. A highly recommended itinerary if you want to live an authentic experience in Madrid.

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