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What makes Cardamomo the best Flamenco Show in Madrid?

What makes Cardamomo the best Flamenco Show in Madrid?

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Cardamomo is a flamenco tablao with over 25 years of activity, offering daily shows in the heart of Madrid. It’s an intimate space where you can enjoy the best artists of the spanish flamenco scene.

Flamenco is recognized as Cultural Heritage of the Community of Madrid. It’s an integral part of the city and its society. Since the 19th century, flamenco has been represented in various forms in Madrid, making it the world capital of this art.

Cardamomo began its activity in 1996 as a venue for flamenco and jazz shows. From its inception until 2007, the main performances consisted of a more modern and experimental flamenco, often blending with other genres such as blues or jazz.

Starting in 2007, the shows shifted to classic flamenco tablao performances within a modern and carefully crafted proposal, reflecting the aesthetic and musical influences that Madrid has contributed to the history of flamenco.

“At Cardamomo’s tablao, dance and song coexist with passion, stemming from the deepest flamenco sentiment.”

The main activity of Cardamomo is the staging of flamenco shows. Currently, we schedule an average of 24 one-hour shows per week, 365 days a year. Audience of all ages is allowed, with discounts offered for children under 12 when purchasing tickets.

Up to ten of the best flamenco artists take the stage every day to showcase their art and passion. We always feature three figures in dance, performing both ensemble and solo pieces, demonstrating their versatility and virtuosity.

At Cardamomo, we always strive to make our show unique, following two fundamental premises: preserving flamenco and ensuring its continuity as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

To achieve this, we always collaborate with the best flamenco artists from all over Spain. We aim for an intimate show where you can appreciate traditional flamenco with the modern and urban elements that Madrid has contributed to this great art.

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