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Bailaor flamenco El Yiyo en Cardamomo Madrid en Julio


Yiyo will be with us again from July 1 to 4, splurging all his flamenco on our stage.

Bailaor born in Badalona, ​​with only 25 years of age and 17 years of experience, is already a reference in flamenco, some already speak of him as the new Joaquín Cortés.

It has a differential that only those who were born with a star possess, with the special gift of captivating with their presence and their art, wherever they go. He learned to dance before walking.

His artistic references are the great Eduardo Serrano “El Guito”, Joaquin Cortés, Farruquito and Antonio Canales.

With only 11 years of age he makes his first international tour. He has been the headliner countless times at great national and international festivals, sharing the bill with great flamenco artists such as Estrella Morente, Miguel Poveda, Duquende, among others.

The Yiyo has classical forms, remembering all its teachers, but it also delights us with its very personal and unique way of dancing and with the ease of playing with the rhythm. It is passion, elegance, sensitivity and charisma that sets him apart from others. This difference gave him visibility in the eyes of designers, film directors and creators, such as Armani, Soleá Morente, or C. Tangana.

He is currently on the bill for Spain with his new show; The Yiyo & Su Troupe, a montage that incorporates a corps de ballet for the first time, and is already a success with critics and the public.

He is undoubtedly one of the bailaores with the most projection at the moment, inside and outside the tablaos and theaters. Because of his way of dancing, of course, but also because of his positioning with fashion brands and photographers who left him in the spotlight as a model.

He is the new star of this new era of flamenco, and you have the opportunity to see him at Cardamomo. A unique experience, seeing it from so close, in an intimate and very flamenco setting.

We wait for you.


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