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Get Flamenco Tickets in Madrid: Discover the Soul of Spain at Cardamomo

Get Flamenco Tickets in Madrid: Discover the Soul of Spain at Cardamomo

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Madrid is considered the world capital of flamenco. Its city centre streets are home to many of the most important and historic tablaos in the country.

A city that hosts the best artists of the national scene, where you can enjoy an authentic flamenco show of the highest quality.

There are many options to get to one of the many shows that take place in Madrid. On the internet you can find numerous websites that recommend shows and sell tickets online.

There are also points of sale scattered around the centre of Madrid, which you can access while strolling around the city. There you can receive more personalised attention and find out what each show has to offer.

One of the tablaos that brings together all these options is Cardamomo. A tablao with more than 25 years of history located in the emblematic Las Letras neighbourhood in Madrid.

Cardamomo is known for its artistic quality, as it has a wide range of professionals. Up to 10 artists, including three of the most important figures of the current dance scene. In this intimate and modern space, shows are performed daily, so you can go on any day of your visit to the city.

But don’t get overconfident! Tickets sell out quickly.

In this tablao you can find 5 different areas to buy tickets, depending on the distance you are from the stage. Prices range from €39 to €55 and each ticket includes a welcome drink.

There are also discounts for children in two areas of the venue and it is accessible to people with reduced mobility. A very versatile and immersive option to enjoy the great figures of flamenco just a few metres from the Puerta del Sol.

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