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Flamenco and womens

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The women protagonists of the best flamenco in Madrid

On March 8th,  in Cardamomo Flamenco Show Madrid we celebrated the International Women’s Day with an unusual performance composed of musics of category and flamenco essence.

The voice of Laura Abadía, in which the purity and the flamenco nerve merge with the deepest features of soul, guided and narrated the special performance of March 8.

Next to Mar Rodríguez to the violin (Component of the Spanish National Orchestra); Mercedes Martínez on guitar; Leticia Malvares to the flute; and Celia González to the percussion.

Lisi Sfair, Elena Hidalgo and Paula Rodríguez, dancers habitual in Cardamom, accompanied the music with palms and jellies.

These women were ripped off by tangos, letting the most authentic flamenco sentiment flow through their instruments.

Each of them has carved their own musical career despite not being a way of roses.

They Created a climate of joy and tranquillity that infected all the people who had the privilege of seeing this unique performance.

The women were the protagonists of the best flamenco in Madrid creating a medium-improvised flamenco painting that left the public speechless. This was the first time (probably not the last one) that these women would climb together on a stage.

The night of the Flemish woman

The Flamenco Women’s Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco acted in the three passes (18:00, 20:00 and 22:00) taking more prominence in the last one the violin and the voice.

There Were three shows laden with technique, sensibility and rejoicing. A gift for the ears and the heart.

The objective of this event was to give visibility to women in Flamenco and to recognize their work as interpreters of musical instruments. As a priori, it seems to be a land ruled by men.

But the truth is, the world of music is plagued by great women. Specifically, the Flamenco is producing an important female revolution that allows all the music to become empowered and make a hole in the world of Flamenco, breaking with the clichés that have dominated for years.

A day like March 8, it could not miss Cardamomo a small homage to all the brave who choose the Flamenco as a craft, as well as support for girls who want to follow the footsteps of these artists.

What is the role of women in Flamenco?
Women have long Been recognized in the world of flamenco dancing and singing jondo.

There is no doubt that these two artistic disciplines would not be conceived without the feminine touch.

Estrella Morera, Rocío Márquez or Rosalía are some of the women who dedicate themselves to flamenco singing today and have the public’s approval.

The dancers are also recognized in this sense, many are the names we all recognize with gusto, starting with Sara Baras, passing through Alba Heredia, Belén López or Isabel Vargas, among many others.


How many names of female guitarists, percussionists, flutists and other interpreters do we know?
Popularly few, although, as in the case of our guests, lead a life dedicated to Flamenco and be authentic virtuous with their respective instruments.

Let’s Help Flamenco evolve as society does. Only in this way will we be able to preserve the indescribable essence of this art.

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