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El flamenco y los niños prodigio

El flamenco y los niños prodigio


The cheka filmmaker Katerina Hager reflected the formation of young promises of flamenco in a documentary, where she visits Tablaos and Flamenco schools of Madrid and Almeria.

Katerina met flamenco in the Sacromonte of Granada and was fascinated by this art and the way they teach it.

She could discover how children learn to dance, sing or play instruments from their families traditions and away from orthodox disciplines such as music theory or harmony and rhythm rules. They receive flamenco as part of their lives.

The director tells us that she wanted to show how flamenco has little to do with the stereotypical image that is selled to foreign tourists visiting Spain. And that is a very difficult music to learn.


Documental Los niños del flamenco

Niño flamenco guitarra

The documentary travels to Almería, to the neighborhood of Pescaderia, Tomatito´s home, and also to the neighborhood of Caño Roto in Madrid, where Abraham Motos was born. He is a talented primary school boy that performs any branch of flamenco.

Another young talent displayed in the film is guitarist Amos Lora, 12 years old, with international tours on his back. He must practice an average of 4 hours per day and misses school days to devote himself to this art. Sacrifice which he accepts with passion as part of his life. That passion is reflected in the story that the director tells about a night at his home in Prague. Amos played guitar until 3 in the morning, after having given a concert for over an hour. The party finally ended up when a neighbor came to complain because he could not sleep.

Both kids have been in this tablao when we put the show “Flamenco is also for Children” organized by Cardamomo and supported by great flamenco figures.

Children of Flamenco has been already opened in Prague and will soon come to our country. We present here the movie trailer.

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