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25th Anniversary of Cardamomo on the Flamenco International Day and a small sample of Cardamomo scolarships

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Antonio Carmona, Antonio Canales, Juan Andres Maya and the kids of Cardamomo Scolarships were the protagonists of the Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco 25th anniversary.


Coinciding with the Flamenco International Day, Cardamomo tablao flamenco celebrated 25 years dedicated to flamenco art (1994-2019) in a special way.

The celebration took place in Cardamomo tablao flamenco with a performance made by the kids of our scolarships program BECAS CARDAMOMO.

The top flamenco masters Antonio Carmona, Antonio Canales and Juan Andres Maya attended the invitation. Commited to this program, they advised and cheered up the kids to keep on the legacy of the flamenco art.

An unforgettable moment where children and adults enjoyed a common passion: Flamenco

The media picked the story up to show the talent that scolarship children performed during the event.

Cardamomo Scolarship program “Becas Cardamomo” is a solidary initiative which aims to help the training of future flamenco artists, as well as the creation of new fans that will claim to the growth of flamenco culture.

This program is focus on children of age 6 to 16 that has been developing some artistic skill (Dance, vocals and guitar or box playing)

Children of the scolarship program has received

Scholarship children receive instruments, costumes and masterclass taught by professionals. In addition to the possibility of participating in a show party weekend, which allows them to gain experience and learn from renowned artists.

With the Cardamomo Scholarships, we pretend to favor the integration of the Flamenco art promises and break the exclusion suffered by this art. We consider it essential to start training in Flamenco from an early age.

More than twenty children has been benefit with this program. The initiative has a positive response in Madrid and in other cities like Jerez, Córdoba or Granada.

The Cardamomo Scolarships program is adapted to specific needs of its participants.

The Cardamomo team studies each case in depth, always acting for the benefit of the scholarship child.

All the artists agree, «The talent, the art and the spirit of flamenco they have discovered in the children is amazing».

“Many families do not have the resources or ways to facilitate this training, and it is a real shame that the economy or social circumstances dissolve the talent and enthusiasm of the children who participate in the I CARDAMOMO SCHOLARSHIPS.”

«We don’t pretend they to become super stars. We just want to bring the reality of Flamenco closer to the new generations that live and feel this art as their own. Make them understand that Flamenco is a job as worthy as any other, and that to devote to it is essential to have a good training.




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