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Asunción Demartos

Photo: Gustavo Gamonoso.

Asunción Demartos, dancer, choreographer, poet and a lover of painting, was born in Seville in 1975.

Her mother’s love for flamenco made her be interested in dance at an early age and propelled her to study Spanish Dance and Classical Ballet. Soon after she graduated, she joined the “Tablao El Patio Andaluz”, becoming the art of flamenco her profession and leading her to travel the world stages.

Between 1994 and 1995 she travelled to Japan on several occasions as a member of Yoko Komatsubara flamenco company. In 1996 she toured Holland and Germany with the dance company of Curro Valez, and up to the year 2000, she enriched herself as a dancer in the dance companies of Rafael Aguilar, Blanca del Rey and Rafael Amargo, alternating her work at the dance companies with performances in Madrid flamenco clubs.

She has shared the stage with Eva Yerbabuena, Adrián Galia, Maria Vargas, Lola Greco, Manuel Liñan and Arcangel, among many others.

Since childhood, Asunción has had the need to express her feelings, which not only has led her to bear her soul in dancing but has made her to look inside herself through the written word, leaving her feelings, thoughts, fears and joys embodied in poetry. And so, she gave birth to her first show “Ella”, which premiered with her own company in Seville, within Larachí cycle, and with which she has toured Norway. Next came other performances that would incorporate bits of her poetry: “Alma de Luna” (2005), Origins (2007), “Intimo” (2008) and “Sie7e ” (2009)

In 2003 she joined the Tablao Los Gallos, Seville, where she remained two years, alternating her work at the tablao with different performances and flamenco master classes taught abroad.

She has been praised by critics, and has been portrayed on the cover of various and national and international magazines and newspapers.

In 2007 she was semi-finalist as a choreographer and performer in the XVI Contest of Spanish and Flamenco Dance Choreography in the Theatre Albeniz, Madrid.

Between 2008-2011 she travelled to Beirut, Amman, Tripoli, New Delhi, Frankfurt and Budapest as part of the show “Nueva Sangre. Jóvenes Flamencos”, show that also led her to perform at the Theatre Lara, Móstoles Festival, Theatre Español and Theatre Federico Garcia Lorca.

Despite her busy schedule, Asuncion has not abandoned her teaching, not only in the field of flamenco but in poetry and painting -a passion she discovered in 2000 – that has served as inspiration for her writing and dancing. And it is in “Pinceles y Cuerdas” and “Viento del Pueblo”, a tribute to the poet Miguel Hernández, premiered in early 2011, that she combines several artistic disciplines: singer-songwriter music, dance, poetry, painting and flamenco.

In early 2012 she opened her own dance school “La Pimienta”, in March she published her first book of poetry “Primavera”, and at the end of the year she premiered “Bailaora”, a flamenco show, in its traditional format, which runs through the different flamenco styles to reveal the essence of flamenco, the songs and the provinces that gave it life. Asunción Demartos lets herself be enveloped by her roots, stepping on stage as a dancer of caste and tradition.


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