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Sonia Cortés (Madrid)

Cantaora (Singer)

sonia cortes flamenco madrid tablao cardamomo

From the beginnings of her love for flamenco she still guards some of the singing records in duo with her father while she was only three years old. After growing up between flamenco dresses and ‘rasgeaos’, she began studying dance at the Dancer Conservatory of Madrid. The first time she sang on stage was while she was dancing for a company and meanwhile the singer did not attend, she, without thinking twice, took the initiative to fill his post. From that moment, her interventions were more frequent as a singer: working professionally for companies like Antonio Najarro, Antonio Marquez and the New Spanish Ballet even up to sing at the International Monetary Fund Washington, at the Royal Theatre with the Young Madrid Symphony Orchestra or with the missing Rocio Jurado on her last TV show ‘Rocio Siempre’ She was the youngest specialist singer to start working at the Conservatories of Madrid. Her passion for jazz and rock have opened a new way of feeling flamenco, playing themes of Ray Charles and Billie Holiday. Currently, in coherence with her personal commitment in flamenco-rock fusion, she is recording an album with José Luis Garrido.


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