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Día de la mujer 8 de marzo 2021

Women’s Day – March 8 – 2021

Because of the celebration of Women’s Day at the Tablao Flamenco Cardamomo, this year we have decided to celebrate it on March 7 and 8. On  the stage great artists women with a very special show directed by the artistic director of the tablao Laura Abadía.

We use the special celebration special of Women’s Day to make visible the work of the associations Turismo Solidario 2020, Asociación Romani and Casa de la Paz.
These associations are supporting families that have been left in a state of helplessness due to the massive closure of the Tablaos and the ravages of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Before the start of the show, the associations and the owner of the Tablao Ivana Portoles presented the show.
They came to support the event Almudena Maillo, councilor for tourism of the Madrid city council and Jose Aniorte, councilor for the Madrid city council of the family area.

8 de marzo del 2021 – Día de la mujer


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