Flamenco Custom Documentary with Paula Rodríguez

The bailaora Paula Rodríguez, an expert in flamenco fashion, makes a short documentary about the origins and peculiarities of this characteristic clothing. We walk through the different places in Madrid where you can find your flamenco dress and the different accessories that dress it. Origin It has a rather humble origin, peasant women, gypsy women. Anyway, they made their own dresses well, imagine, with fabrics that could be as curtain, as an old sheet, or a beautiful fabric that they had found. They were making their aprons and their aprons their flamenco clothes, gypsy clothes. How did you start dancing? From the age of 3, I woke up and spent a whole month telling my mother that I wanted to dance, that I wanted to dance. And then, to buy me a flamenco costume, because you saw it as a flamenco costume, really. So my poor mother who always said that she would never put her daughter to dance, or her son to soccer, because she had to go through the hoop and she had to buy me a flamenco costume. And, as a result of there already, the hecatomb.

The Flamenco Dress The flamenco dress has something and, and I really mean it sincerely, that I believe that all women should wear a dress once in their life, because I do not know why it makes the very beautiful forms of women. You are chubby like me, you are thin like my partner, you are tall, short. It has a way that you find your style and what suits you and feels very beautiful to all women on the planet. So I invite you to put on a flamenco dress. It is true that when you put on the suit, the same suit makes you feel like when you are a child and you put on your suit for the first time. Well, that is every day, that is so. Does the public notice the locker room? Yes, if you look a lot. In fact, then we always go out to greet the public and take pictures, and many people ask you “And that wardrobe?” and they want to touch you or, even the earrings, there have been people who have taken them off and “Take them, take them”, “Really?”, “Take them, nothing happens”, “Where do you buy them?”

They also ask you a lot about your shoes, because of course they don’t understand how they sound so much and they want to see the sole. And from the dresses the notes that they want to touch you … And women and men, that I like a lot because sometimes we think that those things are only for women and, not at all, there are a lot of men who notice, you they ask. Where do you keep your wardrobe? I have this whole wardrobe closet. That I am a bit ashamed, that even if my colleagues say “no”, I am very orderly. And it is, this part of here. Now I show you that I have some dresses, below I have my shoes, part of them because others I have in the Tablao. Here I also have the case with all the earrings, the combs and others. And here I have the other part. The flowers below, well this use of feet is very ballerinas. And shawls and other dresses. And everything here is fabrics, because I like sewing.

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