Claudia La Utrerana on the International Flamenco Day

Claudia La Utrerana, 12 years old. Claudia studies in the free project “Cardamomo Scholarships” on International Flamenco Day, and 25th Anniversary of Cardamom. Claudia surprised us with this impressive soleá when she was only 12 years old. The tablao Cardamomo undertook an altruistic project in May 2019 to celebrate 25 years dedicated to Flamenco: LAS BECAS CARDAMOMO. An initiative that aims to provide training for promising young flamenco artists.

The Scholarships are created for boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 16 who develop some artistic ability (Singing, dancing, guitar and / or percussion). The children who are participating receive non-financial compensation to improve their learning and evolution in Flamenco: Masterclass taught by professionals, instruments, clothing … In addition to the opportunity to participate in the Cardamomo tablao Flamenco show surrounded by great artists. Which allows them to “take boards” and become familiar with the setting. Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco programs renewed live shows with flamenco paintings by up to 10 artists on stage. Masters of the Spanish guitar and percussion, prestigious singers, dancers and female dancers daily capture the enthusiasm of the public with the excellence of their flamenco passion. It is the only flamenco tablao in Madrid recommended by The New York Times.

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