Benito Zambrano – Interview about New Project

Benito Zambrano, one of the most recognized filmmakers in our country, has visited Cardamomo tablao flamenco to be inspired by his new project, whose protagonist will be El Flamenco. He gave this complete interview to the tablao team during this interesting previous research work. Benito Zambrano tells us about the origin of Flamenco, as art and culture, the role it plays in other cultural platforms such as cinema and theater, the place that flamenco tablaos occupy today, his opinion about the Cardamomo Becas project, and much more. What I’m doing is like a journey through the universe of flamenco. A kind of immersion with the aim of coming up with ideas for a fiction project.

I would like in the future to do a project, a film, a series … But not a documentary.

I know the world of Flamenco a little as a fan, I am from Nebrija, land of flamingos and gypsies… But it is not enough. I believe that Flamenco is a very broad, complex, beautiful, beautiful and emotional universe. So, I needed to know a little bit, in depth. To do something really serious, true and authentic. Because I have a great love for him and I respect the world of Flamenco, the universe of Flamenco. And I do not want to fall into clichés and platitudes. Or do something poor that does not have the artistic value that Flamenco has. So this is a bit of the point of this whole trip. “Flamenco and Spanish cinema” Not for example, far from it, as jazz can have.

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