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We celebrate 25 years dedicated to Flamenco with the creation of the CARDAMOMO SCHOLARSHIPS. Boys and girls involved in the art of Flamenco will be the protagonists of the 25th Anniversary of Cardamomo. Coinciding with International Flamenco Day, on November 16 Cardamomo celebrates 25 years dedicated to flamenco art (1994-2019). To celebrate this great event, the Cardamomo team has promoted the creation of LAS CARDAMOMO SCHOLARSHIPS.

An initiative that aims to help the training of future artists of flamenco art, as well as the creation of new fans, favoring the development of flamenco culture. Download the bases here. THE CARDAMOMO SCHOLARSHIPS are intended for all boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 16 who are developing some artistic ability (dance, singing or playing), and want to train in Flamenco to dedicate themselves to it professionally. The objective is to favor the integration of future promises and break with the exclusion that Flamenco suffers. We consider it essential to start Flamenco training from an early age. Artists who have been collaborating with Cardamomo for these 25 years, such as Tomatito, Estrella Morente, Diego El Cigala, Jorge Pardo or Antonio Carmona among others, will collaborate with the project, sponsoring all the children who aspire to THE CARDAMOMO SCHOLARSHIPS.
There will be a previous selection of boys and girls who will be presented with a prize to promote their training in flamenco art. A jury made up of great Flamenco personalities will score the applicants. Finally, the children who obtain the highest score will also receive a Scholarship based on professional masterclasses to help boost their training, in which those who can develop talent and artistic ability without limitations. On November 16 (World Flamenco Day) Cardamomo tablao flamenco becomes a space given to children who enjoy and feel Flamenco in its purest nature, becoming the protagonists of the show. On November 16 (International Flamenco Day) we will hold a special event where the CARDAMOMO SCHOLARSHIPS will be awarded. “Comparing it with other arts, Flamenco suffers a certain discrimination when it comes to distributing opportunities among the little ones. We take into account that some of these boys and girls do not have the necessary resources to train and develop their talent without causing school absenteeism. Since its origins, Flamenco has belonged to humble social classes. ”Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco programs renewed live shows with flamenco paintings by up to 9 artists on stage Masters of the Spanish guitar and percussion, prestigious singers, dancers and bailaoras rapture daily the enthusiasm of the public with the excellence of his flamenco passion. It is the only flamenco tablao in Madrid recommended by The New York Times.

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