Alba Heredia – Flamenco Dancer

Alba Heredia is one of the star dancers of our flamenco tablao. She is strength, passion, dedication and power. Alba is Flamenco! Come and see it with the rest of the flamenco scene and live an unforgettable experience immersing yourself in our culture. Alba was born in Granada into a family devoted to flamenco, the Maya, more specifically in the zambra of the Cueva de La Rocío. It is in this environment of the Sacromonte where she begins to forge her flamenco character that they make her dance almost without knowing how to walk. Niece of great flamenco names such as Manolete, Mario Maya and Juan Maya Marote, she was baptized by the Duchess of Alba who is also her godmother. In a tribute to his uncle Juan Maya, he debuted with artists such as Niña Pastori, José Mercé and Manolete among others, with only 4 years old.

After the general astonishment of the public after his performance, he began to dedicate his life to flamenco dance, locking himself up to study with teachers such as Juan Andrés Maya, Belén Maya, Iván Vargas, etc. He began to perform in the most famous corrals in Granada, as well as in the Peña de la Platería and in his aunt’s Zambra, where he continued with his work of learning. In 2005 he performed with Enrique Morente at the VI Granada Autumn Festival and continued to perform at festivals led by Curro Albayzín, Juan Andrés Maya and many more. In 2008 he won the first prize of the VEO VEO of the autonomous communities of Andalusia. He has a very special relationship with his uncle Juan Andrés Maya, participating in many of his works over time. Then he began to give master classes at the international flamenco school in Granada, to perform in international flamenco festivals traveling around the world, he won the Desplante award at the Cante de las Minas Festival and continues to give away his art to tablaos and theaters, sharing poster with great names in current flamenco. With her dance she channels her emotions and manages to be herself, in a way full of purity and without any pretense. What many call the future of flamenco dance, it is always a show to see it in action. On this occasion, Alba joins the Cardamomo flamenco group from July 15 to 30. Do not miss it!

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