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PASTORA GALVÁN 23rd May 2021

May 23, 2021 - May 23, 2021

Finally Cardamomo has get to bring the wellknowledged world-renowned Pastora Galván from Seville on May 23 at 9:00 p.m.

One of the most recognized artists in the flamenco world who at just 15 years old was already touring around United States with the San Francisco Flamenco Theater company. At 17 years old he taught at Stanford University.

Throughout his career he has taken his talent throughout the world performing in countries such as Portugal, Japan, France, the United States, Mexico, Greece, Holland, etc, etc, etc.

He has also shared stages with figures such as Eva la Yerbabuena, Arcángel, Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda, Duquende, Joaquín Grilo, María Pagés, La Susi and many more.

And we cannot fail to mention that she was the protagonist of the presentation of the XIV Biennial of Seville. Like the one that premiered at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville Identidades like first dancer. Performance directed by the maestro Antonio Canales.

This performance is included in the Cardamomo Sundays cycle in which the tablao will bring a top figure from the world of flamenco.



Featured artists in this show
  • Aitana De los Reyes

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • tablao flamenco madrid cardamomo aloma de balma

    Aloma de Balma (Madrid)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • guitarra flamenco tablao madrid amos lora

    Amós Lora (Salamanca)


  • flamenco madrid tablao cardamomo angela españadero

    Ángela Españadero (Madrid)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • flamenco madrid tablao cardamomo antonio ciervo

    Antonio “El Ciervo” (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

  • aurora_losada

    Aurora Losada (Madrid)

    Cantaora (Singer)

  • Auxi Fernández

    Auxi Fernández (Cádiz)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • guitarra flamenco madrid tablao cardamomo camaron pitita

    Camarón de Pitita (Madrid)


  • Costi “El Chato”

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • bailaor Cristian Pérez

    Cristian Pérez (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • tablao flamenco madrid cardamomo curro candela

    Curro de Candela (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • David Jiménez Abadía (Madrid)


  • el-cancu

    El Cancu (Sevilla)

    Cantaor (Singer)

  • El Tachu

    El Tachu (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • El-piculabe

    Enrique “El Piculabe” (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

  • irene la sentio cardamomo tablao flamenco madrid

    Irene “La Sentío” (Sevilla)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • irene-correa

    Irene Correa (Madrid)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • guitarra flamenco cardamomo tablao madrid ivan losada

    Iván Losada (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

  • joni jimenez guitarra flamenco cardamomo tablao madrid

    Joni Jiménez (Madrid)


  • carmona rapico bailaor flamenco cardamomo tablao madrid

    José Gómez Carmona “Rapico” (Mallorca)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

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