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El Tete

August 16, 2021 - August 18, 2021

Ricardo Fernández “El Tete” in Cardamomo from August 16 to 18.

He was born in 2000 in the cradle of a gypsy family in Sant Roc, Badalona (Barcelona);

Since he was little he has been in direct contact with great artists and has as a reference great dancers, which are: Joaquín Cortés, Farruquito, Jose Maya, El Yiyo (his older brother).

El Tete has a special star, flamenco wherever you look at it, it has a dance with race where we can appreciate the strength and elegance of its truth, it has numerous shows behind it that, being so young, shows great artistic maturity.

The youth of the new era of flamenco in Cardamomo.

El Tete will be accompanied by the dancers Paula Rodriguez and Lisi Sfair, by two great singers of the current scene, José del Calli and Manuel Tañé, by the guitar of maestro David Jiménez, by the rhythm of percussionist Felipe Maya and by the special cante of our star Laura Abadía.

El Tete, bailaor de flamenco en el Tablao Flamenco Cardamomo en Madrid
Featured artists in this show
  • Aitana De los Reyes

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • tablao flamenco madrid cardamomo aloma de balma

    Aloma de Balma (Madrid)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • guitarra flamenco tablao madrid amos lora

    Amós Lora (Salamanca)


  • flamenco madrid tablao cardamomo angela españadero

    Ángela Españadero (Madrid)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • flamenco madrid tablao cardamomo antonio ciervo

    Antonio “El Ciervo” (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

  • aurora_losada

    Aurora Losada (Madrid)

    Cantaora (Singer)

  • Auxi Fernández

    Auxi Fernández (Cádiz)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • guitarra flamenco madrid tablao cardamomo camaron pitita

    Camarón de Pitita (Madrid)


  • Costi “El Chato”

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • bailaor Cristian Pérez

    Cristian Pérez (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • tablao flamenco madrid cardamomo curro candela

    Curro de Candela (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • David Jiménez Abadía (Madrid)


  • el-cancu

    El Cancu (Sevilla)

    Cantaor (Singer)

  • El Tachu

    El Tachu (Madrid)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

  • El-piculabe

    Enrique “El Piculabe” (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

  • irene la sentio cardamomo tablao flamenco madrid

    Irene “La Sentío” (Sevilla)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • irene-correa

    Irene Correa (Madrid)

    Bailaora (Dancer)

  • guitarra flamenco cardamomo tablao madrid ivan losada

    Iván Losada (Madrid)

    Cantaor (Singer)

  • joni jimenez guitarra flamenco cardamomo tablao madrid

    Joni Jiménez (Madrid)


  • carmona rapico bailaor flamenco cardamomo tablao madrid

    José Gómez Carmona “Rapico” (Mallorca)

    Bailaor (Dancer)

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