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Flamenco Show in Madrid

At the best flamenco show at the Cardamomo tablao, masters of Spanish guitar and percussion and prestigious flamenco singers and dancers give their body and soul over to the audience in a unique, live show.

Cardamomo is a great house of flamenco, where artists transmit their remarkable familiarity in the tablao in a unique way, making the audience accomplices and participants in the art of flamenco.

The Surprising Agenda of a Flamenco Show that Triumphs in Madrid

Each month we prepare an agenda full of artists from all over Spain, and even from other countries, so that the offerings at this flamenco show in Madrid are always updated.

Each night is different; as such it is difficult to find the same artists on the stage at our flamenco show, making this show go beyond ordinariness and maintaining freshness in the tablao.

Every artist has a career in the world of flamenco, and in general many have awards and years of experience behind them.

The Cardamomo flamenco establishment in Madrid acts as a meeting point for artists that pass through this house, sharing curiosities and vision within the art of flamenco, growing together and always getting the best out of themselves.

4 Daily Sessions at One of the Best Flamenco Shows in Madrid

Each day we have 4 one hour long sessions so you can enjoy the Cardamomo flamenco show in Madrid.

Starting at 6pm with the last show at 11:30pm, our artists are committed to the audience and give the best of themselves every single time.

We recommend arriving a little before the flamenco show starts so that you can peacefully enjoy this evening full of art.

Book your Ticket for the Best Flamenco Show with Dinner. The Full Cardamomo Experience!

When booking your tickets, you can also book your dinner at Cardamomo and enjoy a full flamenco experience where all you have to worry about is having a good time.

When booking our flamenco show, it is important to know the amount of people that are going to attend, as we have special discounts available for large groups.

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