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Antonio Canales comes in May

Antonio Canales in Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco Madrid.

The Special performance of one of the best dancers in the world will take place in Cardamom on 3 and 4 May.

Cardamom Tablao Flamenco receives Antonio Canales with pride.

There is no doubt that Canales will feel as a family because some of the Cardamomo’s Flamenco Show Madrid artists, as Laura Abadía or David Jiménez, have already shared stage with Antonio Canales working in the company of the artist (Flamenco Ballet Antonio Canales), with shows that promote flamenco art and culture as Torero, A cuerda y  tacón or Gitano , in which also participated the great Sara Baras.

Antonio Canales descends from a saga of artists, and one can say with certainty that it carries the goblin in the veins. He is from Sevilla, dancer, choreographer and actor.

He began his professional career in the world of flamenco dancing in the National Ballet, where he will learn precise technique, and stand out among his companions for several years.

Eventually, he becomes a dancer alone and moves to Paris to join the Ballet Maguy Marín.

Será después de estas experiencias, cuando Antonio Canales adquiere la fama como uno de los mejores bailaores de flamenco del mundo recibiendo numerosos reconocimientos internacionales.

En el año 1992 crea su propia compañía de baile flamenco y debuta con un incuestionable éxito gracias a coreografías como Siempre Flamenco o A ti Carmen Amaya.

Un año después, estrena Torero, un show Flamenco con el que realiza una exitosa gira por Canada, y que será representado posteriormente en España en más de 700 ocasiones. Es tal el triunfo que adquiere con este espectáculo, que en 1995 es nominado para los Premios Emmy. En el mismo año Antonio Canales adquiere el Premio Nacional de Danza en España.

Since then Antonio Canales has not stopped creating and dancing. Bringing her particular and sense dancing to every corner of the world. And so he keeps on doing it.

Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco opens the doors and the heart to receive this master of Flamenco dance.

Are You going to miss it?

BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW  And do not miss the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable flamenco show on the 3rd and 4th of May (Shows 20:00 p.m. and 22:oo) in Cardamom Tablao Flamenco.

Dance, sing and live play impregnated with the quality and freshness that characterizes Cardamom, with a very special guest.

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