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Salvador Barrul

Cantaor (Singer)

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He has been signing in Flamenco groups in Madrid since the age of 14. At 18 he began his professional career at the Flamenco theatre Casa Patas. He then spent ten years performing at the most important venues of Madrid and Barcelona. He alternated his TV performances with collaborations in the main companies and with great artists. He has performed with Flamenco singers such as Miguel El Rubio, Montse Cortés, Guadiana, Ramón El Portugués, La Tana… He has been on international tours with the company of Tito Losada in the shows Las mil y una noche (that premiered in La Latina theatre in Madrid), Alma Gitana (in the Arenal Madrid theatre), Entretelones, Misa Flamenca and La Oración flamenca. With the company of Carmen Cortés he performed in Las mujeres de Lorca; under the direction of French film maker and producer Tony Gatlif, he took part in the musical show Vertiges, du flamenco à la transe (2007), performing in many theatres in France and Italy. He also took part Cecilia Gómez’s show Cayetana, su pasión; and in the show La casa de Alba of Antonio Canales in the Teatro Madrid. He currently combines his stage performances with his work as percussion teacher and co-director of the Mónika Rojas school of music and dance.


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