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José Mª Fernández Cortés “Petete”


He participated in shows with Carmen Linares in Salobrena, Tomatito in Snail Room of Madrid, Tomatito in the Asparagus Rock Festival, Remedios Amaya, Esperanza Fernandez, Carlos Baute, Malu, Maita Vende Ca, La Union, Aurora Vargas, La India Martinez, La Susi, Marina Heredia and Montse Cortes.

 Also he accompanied La Negra, Los Malaguitas, Karmela la Chocolata, Morenito de Illora and new artists from new flamenco of Granada. He participated in different festivals; the Granada Festival of Autumn; Flamenco Festival of Albaicin; Flamenco Fetival Lucero of Alba; in the Festival called Suma Flamenca with Diego Guerrero, Dance and Music International Festival of FEX… He accompanied Jerry Gonzalez, Jorge Pardo, Caramelo of Cuba, Ruben Dantas, Antonio Serrano, Guadiana, Josemi Carmona Montse Cortes, Mariangeles Fernandez, Piculabe, Saul Quiras and Aurora Losada. Composer and producer he recorded and produced with Enrique Morente and in our days he is still producing discs with new generations of flamenco.


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