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Laura Abadía

Cantaora (Singer)

Laura Abadía
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Laura Abadía Motos was born in the Madrid neighbourhood of Tetuán, into a gypsy family that has produced important guitarists and singers, such as Rafael Farina, José Peña Grande and her cousin Rafita de Madrid. He is one of the great stars of the Cardamomo show.

He has a unique voice, strong and extremely sensitive, comparable to the swaying of the waves of the sea. In his throat, the most heartbreaking elements of flamenco coexist with the deepest nerve of soul. A soloist voice belonging to the Afro-Gypsy sub-genre.

She has performed alongside dancers Antonio Canales, Sara Baras, Juan Ramírez, Paloma Fantova, Belén López, Karime Amaya, Gema Moneo…; as well as Flamenco singers like Ramón El Portugués, Guadiana, Montse Cortés, David de Jacoba, Enrique Bermúdez (Piculabe), Miguel El Rubio and Antonio Ingueta; and renowned guitarists like David Jiménez, Paquete, José Jiménez El Viejín, David Cerreduela or Juan Jiménez. The press review of the Suma Flamenca Festival said of her: “magnificent and unpredictable Flamenco Singer, with extraordinary power and virtuosity.”

“Soloist voice of what has become known as afrogypsy. Her throat spills out the most heartrending sounds of Flamenco with the deepest backbone of soul”. And the music critic Julián Callejo highlighted that “there is undoubtedly something heartrending about Laura Abadía, who breaks down barriers and opens up the flow of emotions as one would snap one’s fingers to let Spring burst forth”.


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