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Antonio “El Ciervo” (Madrid)


flamenco madrid tablao cardamomo antonio ciervo
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On his mother’s side we find names as renowned as “Potito”, Angelita Vargas, Joselito Vargas, etc. And on this father’s side another range of prestigious artists like Raimundo Amador, Juan José Amador, Diego Amador, Rafael Amador, and many others…

He began his career by forming a Flamenco group with Los Losada under the name of “Macandé” which gave concerts in Madrid for two years. He then went on to create another group, this time under the name of “Caño Roto” with which he also gave many concerts over a period of five years. This group included members as important as Jesús de Rosario, Mario Montoya, Kelian Jiménez, David Cerreduela, “Piraña” and Jerónimo Maya. Interestingly, this group lasted until one specific evening. While performing in the well-known venue Suristán, the international dancer Sara Baras was so impressed that she immediately offered a contract to work in her company to almost all its members, thus harnessing all their talent. This led to five years of tours all over the world signing Flamenco to all manner of international audiences. After this time he took part in Tito Losada’s production “De Casablanca a Madrid” at the Teatro Alcázar. And a little later he toured the world as part of companies as prestigious as that of Rafael Amargo, the company of “El Güito”, the company of Manolete, that of Antonio Canales and the company of Cecilia Gómez. He performed on many stages worldwide, such as New York, London, Mexico, Moscow, Bogota, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Paris and Rome, to name but a few. He has managed to combine all this work with different collaborations in the most important Flamenco venues and theatres in Spain, as well as participations in the albums by Ramón Jiménez, Jesús de Rosario, Jerónimo Maya, Juan Cortés, “El Negri” (“Fragua futura”), and many others. He has also taken part in many of the editions of the Flamenco Festival of the Community of Madrid “Suma Flamenca”. If one had to describe the voice of Antonio Amador “El Ciervo” in just a few lines, one could perhaps tell the story involving two singers who did not know each other. On the one hand, while performing at a private party in London, the great Alicia Keys told him that when she listened to him it sounded like “passionately ethnic music”. And interestingly, years later, the also great Luz Casal, in the venue 18 Chulos in Madrid approached him and, as if they had both agreed amongst themselves, said the same thing in the exactly the same way. In short, the opportunity to listen to this great singer, whether inside or outside the realm of Flamenco, is a chance to connect with that way of signing that some would proudly describe as “very gypsy”. We are lucky to have him representing the best flamenco show Madrid, Cardamomo!


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