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Miguel Tellez (Jerez)

Bailaor (Dancer)

Miguel Téllez
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In 1995 he joined the Anthology Ballet of Madrid, under the direction of Alberto Lorca, Mario Vega and Maria del Sol. In 1998 he joined Eduardo Serrano ‘The Güito’ Company at the Villamarta Theatre in Jerez. Later he continued dancing on the main national and international theaters and festivals as a soloist and also joined several companies with great flamenco masters as: Manolete, La Tati, Carmen Cortés, Gerardo Nunez, Moraíto Chico, Eva Yerbabuena and Sara Baras. In 2009 he directed and releases the premier of his first show: Dalearte Flamenco, combining the most traditional flamenco with the contemporary style. Since 2010 he creates choreography for companies in Canada and the United States and participates in international festivals such as the Vancouver Flamenco Festival. In 2012 he received the National Award of Dance ‘Perla de Cádiz’. And in 2013 the Madrid Jondo Flamenco Cultural Association recognizes his work in the Flamenco Art by giving the Flamenco Distinction ´Ángel la Calle’. He currently combines his artistic commitments to teaching Flamenco Dance at the Flamenco Art Center ¨Amor de Dios¨ in Spain and master classes in France, Japan, Canada and USA.We are lucky to have him representing the best flamenco show in Madrid, Cardamomo!


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