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Juan Carlos Quirós (Madrid)


juan carlos quiros guitarra flamenco tablao madrid cardamomo

His love of music began as a child, when his uncle Adolfo encouraged him to take the guitar and come along to meeting with fellow-guitar players such as Camarón or Tomatito. These experiences were master classes for him that forever marked his devotion to music. His professional career began as a composer, vocalist and guitarist of the Karma group. Later he joined the company of the great Flamenco singer Aurora Losada, with whom he has performed for more than 15 years all over the world. He has worked with the company of Francisco Suárez in the production of Romancero Gitano, with more than 150 performances all over Spain; in 2011 he played in the latest album by Los Chorbos, Olé Caño Roto. He has performed in the main Flamenco venues in Spain alongside artists like José Maya, Alegría Suárez, Miki Molina, Esperanza Roy, Kuki Dani Doña, Antonio Rey and Aurora Losada. He is the guitarist for José Soto Sorderita and Silverio Belmonte; producer and composer of the albums of the duet Losadas Soul (Aurora Losada and Chenoa Quirós); and he forms part of the company Entre Dos Mundos, with Aurora Losada, Belén López, Paloma Fantova, Enrique Bermúdez El Piculabe and Chenoa Quirós.


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