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Gloria Wasmer

Gloria Wasmer

He started playing the violin at the age of 5 years old, training with the prestigious Ukrainian violinist Tatiana Alesinsky. After years of classical Russian base she began to participate in musical groups of Argentine folklore and Tango.

Specializing in flamenco, she has collaborated as a performer and arranger in recordings with artists such as Joan Albert Amargos, Carles Benavent or Parrita. Later, she embarked on a path in the world of flamenco, exploring various facets and musical groups. In a short period of time, she entered completely into the art of flamenco, while maintaining her classical training.

In 2009, he meets the dancer Amador Rojas, with whom he shares the stage in different theaters in Spain, presenting a new perspective of flamenco. They combine the power and passion of flamenco dance with the delicacy and sensitivity of classical violin, which is evident in the premiere of the show “Mandala” at the Teatro Arteria Coliseum de la Gran Vía in Madrid.

At the same time, the choreographer and dancer Antonio Canales selects her to be part of his show “Mano a Mano”.

From 2010 to 2011, she is part of the cast of the “Palacio del Flamenco” in Barcelona, simultaneously working on various musical projects.

In September 2011, he embarks on a tour of several cities in Russia and Siberia with the Company of Flamenco and Classical Spanish “Los Mulero”.

She is also part of the project “Esencias” of the guitarist Jesús de Joaquín “Puchero” and the company of the dancer David Romero.

Since 2009, she has become a regular member of the tablao “Los Tarantos” in Barcelona.

She has participated for two years in the Beziers flamenco festival in France and one year in Marseille.

Between 2014 and 2016, she has worked in tablaos in Madrid such as Casa Patas, Las Carboneras, Cardamomo Flamenco or El Candela, sharing the stage with notable artists such as Montse Cortes, Aurora Losada, Chelo Pantoja, Juan Antonio Salazar and Sorderita.

In 2016, his collaboration with guitarist Luis Robisco at the “Palau de la Música” results in his new album “Camino”, as well as a tribute to Paco de Lucía, in which Maestro Carles Benavent also participates.

From 2017, he joins the cast of the tablao “Casa Camarón”.

In addition to his work on stage, he has contributed to numerous recordings, including the charity CD ” Tres guitarras para el autismo”, in which he contributes his violin on several tracks, one of them in collaboration with the singer Parrita. He has also recorded violin parts in the three albums of the singer Manuel Fernández, the last one entitled “Siete destinos”. He also appears in the album of the guitarist Eugeni Muriel with the group “Barcelona nova fusió”.

She has shared her musical knowledge as a teacher of piano, violin and musical initiation in various centers in Madrid and is currently part of the educational team of the “Flamenco Institute” of the Taller de Músics.

Her way of understanding flamenco with the violin as part of the singing and dancing makes her expression unique and characteristic giving it a new texture but always traditional and respectful with the art of flamenco.

He is currently part of the cast of artists in the two prestigious tablaos of Madrid as Cardamomo Flamenco and Tablao Flamenco 1911.


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