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Auxi Fernández (Cádiz)

Bailaora (Dancer)

Auxi Fernández
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She has been solo performer and guest artist for companies such as those of Chick Corea, Jorge Pardo, Simon Shaheen, Tim Ries, José María Bandera and Tito Losada; and she has performed alongside figures like Carles Benavent, Concha Buika, Niño Josele, Jeff Ballard, La Tana, Olga Pericet, Alain Pérez and Ashok Pathak. In 2005, after almost four years of dancing with the company of Sara Baras, she was invited by pianist Chick Corea to take part in the filming of Touchstone, later touring with the musician around Spain, the USA and Japan. As of 2007 she performed in different venues in Madrid and Barcelona and then joined the company of Tito Losada in the productions Entretelones, Mil y una noche, Misa Flamenca and Alma Gitana. In 2010 she worked with Jorge Pardo in the production of Vientos Flamencos; with Flamenco singer María Toledo in Vivencias Flamencas; with Majid Javadi and other great musicians in the production Fusión música sufí/flamenco; and in the work Pasión Gitana with the Paco Heredia company in Costa Rica. The following she participated in the concert Manantial Flamenco by guitarist El Entri; she danced with Jorge Pardo in Indalusia, along with other great musicians (Ashoke Pathak, Ambi Subramaniam, Juan Diego Mateos, Ali and Luis de la Tota…). She worked in Kuwait in Paco Heredia’s show Flamenco Emsamble; and in that same year she met the saxophone player of the Rolling Stones Project Tim Ries, with whom she worked in famous New York venues. Her work has been acclaimed in many theatres and festivals: in Spain, in the Teatro Real, Lope de Vega and Calderón theatres in Madrid, in the Suma Flamenca festival, in the Biennale of Seville; in France, in the Théâtre des Champs Elysées of París and the Mont-de-Marsan festival; in Latin America, in the Teatro Bellas Artes of Mexico and the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro in Bogotá; and in the United States, at the Flamenco Festival of New York and the Chicago Flamenco Festival. Following two world tours with various performers and already settled in New York, in 2013 she made her debut as a choreographer with the production Encontrándote. In 2014 her new creation, Caminos, premiered in the Flamenco Festival of New York and in the Flamenco Festival of Chicago, as well as being presented at the Thalia Spanish Theatre in New York. In that same year, her production Flamenco was nominated for Best Musical Theatre Production in the ACE awards in New York. Dynamic and creative, Auxi Fernández has been involved in other artistic scenarios, having participated in the photographic book Sueño del Quijote by Peter Muller; the photography exhibition “Flamenca NY” by Angélica Escoto; in the documentaries Flamenco The Sea is for Everybody by Yaco Neches, and Flamenyco by Javier Benítez Zúñiga; the films “Pájaros de Papel” by Emilio Aragón and “Flamenco in NY: a Bow to American Producers, Artists and Educators”, presented at the Lincoln Center in New York.


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