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José Escarpín en Cardamomo Flamenco Madrid

José Escarpín – Fastest Flamenco Dancer of the world in Cardamomo.

José Escarpín is the fastest bailaor around the world.

And we do not say it, it says the Guinness record that he currently keep.

Exquisite talent.

However, this Murcian dancer has a lot of artistic talent that goes beyond his speed. His talent is out of the ordinary and his delicacy with some endings or some silences, contrast very elegantly with his powerful legs and skills.

It is typical of artists, not only in the world of flamenco, to exploit their talents until get excess, however this is not the case of José Escarpín, who knows how to use his resources and speed at the right times.

Flamenco protocols.

José Escarpín transmits respecting the protocols.

Experts on flamenco logically likes the power of a young dancer, but even more they likes his style full of gipsy race and that he expresses more in silences than in uproar. Alegrías style have their protocols, with their lively clothes, their fast rhythm, etc., and the soleares style also have them with their dark clothes, their slow rhythm, etc. And José Escarpín knows how to handle them as they should be handled and does not fall into a mere act of juggling.

There is no doubt that his show is worth enjoying and that it never disappoints.

A pleasure enjoy him at Cardamomo!


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