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Book your tickets now to attend the Cardamomo flamenco show in Madrid and have a flamenco experience like never before. Don’t take the chance and book tickets via our ticket buying platform.

It’s very easy. To book your flamenco tickets, choose the date that suits you bests by moving among the days, weeks and months on the calendar.

You can check the availability of the selected date as distinctions are made between “Tickets Available”, “Tickets Running Out” and “Tickets Sold Out”.

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Every day we try to offer the best flamenco experience with our show with different singers, the best flamenco dancers and masters of flamenco guitar, as well as heel tapping, castanets and even violins.

Each session, 10 artists take to the tablao to transmit the values that they have learnt from their roots and that they are able to improvise with outstanding ease.

That is why each time you book flamenco tickets at Cardamomo, you will find a different show, full of the art that characterises and defines us.

We have 4 sessions each day that are an hour long.

The first session is in the early evening, at 6pm, the next is at 8pm, then 10pm and the night comes to an end with the last session at 11:30pm.

The Flamenco Show that Welcomes Adults and Children Alike


The atmosphere at Cardamomo is careful, with constant personal attention. That is why it is perfect to attend this flamenco show with children over 4 years old. There is also a special price for children aged 4 to 12.

Upon arrival, the audience is greeted in the entrance hall by our staff who offer them a welcome drink to choose from wines, juices or water. In the entrance there are tablets available for those that want to delve further into the art of flamenco, Cardamono and the artists.

When booking your flamenco tickets, you can also book your gastronomical menu and enjoy a complete flamenco tablao experience.

Choose the menu that you like the most and don’t worry about a thing. Our waiters will make sure that you have everything you need while you enjoy the show.

For people with reduced mobility, once at the online shopping basket sector, there is an option so that an accessible space can be selected.

If you have any queries or problems when buying your flamenco tickets in Madrid, get in touch with our team via the link within the online shopping basket.


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