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Flamenco live show at Cardamomo Madrid

Espectáculo de auténtico flamenco


There are flamenco nights that are magical.

Not for anything special, but for many things. Because there is an atmosphere, because the artists are the best, because there’s a surprise…
That is what happened the night of January 24th in Tablao Flamenco Cardamomo.
We first enjoyed the sing of Gabriel de la Tomasa and Antonio Pola de Pola, with their very different personalities and so charming at the same time. Accompanied on guitar by Carlos Jacoba and Antonio Sánchez and the percussion of our dear Kike Terron.
Then we could enjoy Triana Maciel, who was replacing Guadalupe Torres in the dance. This young dancer knows very well what she does and she performs her dance with unmatched passion. Then came the turn of Sergio Aranda, and can we say about this dancer! He astonished us with his charisma, his amazing footwork, his mastery of the scene… A flamenco artist with capital letters.
Then the stage was flooded with red and the dancer La Saray Pitita made her entrance. She gives everyting in her dance. Her art excited us as much as it excited her.
The enthusiasm was rising when we heard the singing of the invited artist: the great Miguel El Rubio, of the dynasty of the Rubios, who gave us unique sounds of bulerías and fandangos. We were privileged.
The night closed with Nino de los Reyes, a unique dancer and choreographer, who owns shows and many awards.
And the grand finale was the performance of a Nino de los Reyes pupil, a small boy of 8 years, who surprised us with their spontaneous dancing.
It was a night of live flamenco with chords, taconeos, passion and expression.
Here are some pictures so that you could have a small idea of that incredible evening.

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